The Kinara cheese line uses the rare and precious “real vegetable rennet” obtained from the flowers of the Cynara cardunculus plant. An exclusive range from the Fiandino farms that includes the Gran Kinara, unique in the world with its very long aging , the raw milk toma  Lou Bergier, the Toma del Frà, the Lou Blau, the toma Lou Sande and the Ottavio, a dark beer cheese.


The centenary history of the Fiandino Family continues with the cheeses of the tradition.  These include the sought after Selezione Fiandino Riserva, seasoned over 20 months on the fine fir boards and the Stravecchio, personalizable on behalf of customer.

From our precious Piedmont milk, milked and collected every day, we get to centrifuge the fresh creams. These creams rest for over 72 hours, an extraordinarily long time, before becoming Burro 1889.
Soft, delicate and always spreadable with fragrances of cream. To be discovered also in the Burro 1889 salty version.

From an old recipe of Grandmother Margherita called “Ghitina”, Ghitina body and hand creams were born.  Made with Burro 1889 and with selected natural ingredients, they surprise for their ability to keep the skin soft, dry and moisturized. A real caress for the hands, a real caress for the body.