Egidio e Mario Fiandino

We were born and raised in the Fiandino Farms, in very close contact with the small world that revolves around dairy production. Learning since we were kids to have the utmost respect for the land, animals and for people that, with passion and dedication, cooperate with us. It is very difficult, in this world where profit and raising social status seem more like a requirement, being able to maintain the right values and contacts with our own tradition. Not a day goes by without prodigious fertilizers , miraculous additives and ever more sophisticated machines are proposed to us; we always listen to everyone carefully, but a peremptory “No Thanks!” is now the only answer that we provide. Surely we do not reject the progress, approximately since 2005 one third of the electricity that we use is self-produced through photovoltaic panels, but we want to use it in a reasoned and conscious way. There are rhythms, there are seasons, and there are rules that we consider essentials to create “good food” able to excite and to tell that something that makes us joyfully share in the entire production process. If the products made with passion and respect have a soul, we look to the future to ensure that this soul becomes perceptible and able to make the difference between a good product and a product of our farms.