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Taste, Passion and Tradition

It's the meadows on the slopes of the Stura Valley, the dawn before the sun peeks over the horizon, the comforting smell of milk and the first sign of the curds coming. These are the moments of every day which over time became daily reality, custom and, centuries later, the Fiandino family's history and values. It's a farming business, and there's no forgetting its origins in the eighteenth century when Stefano Fiandino left Milano for the mountains of the Occitan Alps, and here established the family's first herd of Bruna Italiana cows. In the mountain pastures of the Stura, the cattle found their home and the Fiandinos learned from nature, which taught them the hows and whens of the land and its cheese production. Producing great milk, making excellent butter and cheese, understanding the cycle of life and taking guidance from the seasons were the secrets they passed on to subsequent generations, along with a love for a job that requires enormous sacrifice but brings a very special satisfaction. Living with nature became so deeply rooted in the Fiandinos that it became a family philosophy and, as such, the reasoning behind all their future decisions. So much so that in 1920 Magno Fiandino decided to refurbish his cheese business, expand and give it a home in the place known today as Fattorie Fiandino in Villafalletto. Villafalletto was not a casual choice of location: this area is sheltered on two sides by the Alps and to the east by the hills of the Langhe, while a kind of “wind barrier” from the Susa Valley protects it from cold, damp air coming from the north. What's more, the altitude of more than 400 metres above sea level, the very low constant humidity and the cool temperatures make optimum conditions for the production of superior quality milk and the perfect ageing of cheeses. Alongside a herd of two hundred Bruna Italiana cows, there's a controlled production chain from other dairy farms in the province of Cuneo, and a genuine "hamlet" where qualified staff take care of the animals and where Mario and Egidio Fiandino continue their traditional activity and - more than ever - head into the future in new directions and with a production philosophy geared to wellbeing.

Mario and Egidio Fiandino are a story whose roots are traditions and rhythms of life which, in their turn, once rested in the peaks of the Stura Valley and now, in the pastures around Villafalletto. Every one of their choices is the result of values learned from a solid family history and passed on to every single dairy worker. It is no coincidence that one falls in love with Fattorie Fiandino and the tales of the individual products that Mario and Egidio are able to present as contemporary fairy tales. The Fiandinos believed in the family heritage of milk, to provide excellent products as cheeses of the Kinara line and the 1889 butters to the sweet and savoury art of professionals. First of all, the cheeses to which Fattorie Fiandino have dedicated a complete vegetable rennet line. With different ageing and flavours, the Tomas and the Kinara® not only enrich Italian tables with a healthy and genuine product, but become excellent ingredients for dishes of chefs, bakers and gelato makers who want to make their mark with unique recipes in flavour and aromatic facets. Chefs, gelato masters, but also important pastry chefs have been able to enhance not only these cheeses, but also the great 1889 butters made from rested cream, a total expression of Fiandino's raw material, being milk that is a source of inspiration for unique creations. Entering the Fiandino world means embracing a point of view and a way of life, whose key points are nature in its simplicity, passion, values and family traditions as ethics.