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Kinara Method

In addition to milk, there are two more essential ingredients for the dairy production: rennet and salt.

Using vegetable rennet the Fiandino farms have created, first in the world, the Kinara method, which sees the use of the flowers of the Cynara cardunculus plant, a common wild cardoon which also grows naturally on our mountains, that turns into "real vegetable rennet". This is an alternative, rare and sought after, to the traditional animal rennet, capable of contributing in a decisive way to the "zero lactose" of the Kinara® and to provide it organoleptic features original and pleasant. The cheeses obtained with this method can be distinguished for their softness and for fragrances and flavours full and delicate, where all the goodness of milk of the Fiandino Farms is expressed in its best way.
The vegetable rennet, despite being known throughout the Mediterranean basin where it is used for thousands of years, has never really been studied thoroughly so that the bibliography available is gaunt and old. More information is available on the website and on