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Milk, salt, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus).

Weight: 2,5 kg.

Kinara Method Without animal rennet preservatives lactose Simbolo vegetariano

From east to west spreads the word and the fortunes of a root used in recipes and remedies for centuries. It tingles on the palate yet enchants the taste buds, inspiring generations of cooks and pastry chefs. This is ginger, eternally young, which enlivens and adds zing to products, dishes, infusions and biscuits until it comes across the milk at Fattorie Fiandino and finds perfect harmony with Grandfather Magno's traditions of vegetable rennet and ageing. Slow infusion in milk and 60 days' maturation are the formula for Lou Gergin toma, a delicate cheese with an almost crisp freshness. A slight spiciness, borrowed from ginger, make Lou Gergin ideal for the summer months and excellent in salads combined with seasonal fruit.

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