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Milk, a composed of chopped summer truffles (1,5%) (ingredients: summer truffles 68% (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), summer truffles cooking sauce (summer truffles, water, salt), water, salt, aroma), salt, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus).

Weight of the wheel about 37.5 kg.
Under vacuum: 1/8 of the wheel; 1 Kg; 500 g (calibrated weight); 200 g (calibrated weight); grated.

Kinara Method Without animal rennet preservatives lactose Simbolo vegetariano Halal ICB

The first and only long-aged cheese in the world with real vegetable rennet from Cynara cardunculus flowers with Truffle. After years of study and research, Fattorie Fiandino have found the right balance by selecting a truffle cream which, combined with 100% Piedmont's Milk, gives life to  Kinara® al Tartufo.

Chef's advice: cut into pieces for an original aperitif, in flakes over raw meat, grated on pasta and risotto, melted for delicious fondues or to finish the meal pleasantly.
Advice from the Sommelier: light white wines, light reds or both white and rosé sparkling wine.

Truffle Risotto

250g Carnaroli rice, 30g Butter 1889 with Truffle, cold from the freezer, 70g  Kinara® with Truffle, 2 Onions

We prepare a light stock: remove the root of the onions and cut them in half. We heat a little oil

in a saucepan and toast the whole onion. We then cover with water and ice and bring to the boil.

We boil for 20 min. In a saucepan, dry-roast the rice (i.e. without oil or butter) together with a pinch of salt. Let's toast it for about 3 minutes over medium-low heat: it will be ready when there is an intense smell of the grain, but especially when it is hot when touched. We then begin to add the onion broth, a little at a time, whenever the rice has absorbed it. We bring it to the boil. Off the heat, we stir in the iced Truffle Butter 1889 and the grated Kinara®. Add them to the pot, cover, then let it rest for 2 minutes before starting to stir vigorously. We serve the risotto all'onda.

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