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Raw Milk, salt, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus).

Weight: 2,5 kg.

Kinara Method Without animal rennet preservatives lactose Raw milk Simbolo vegetariano Halal ICB

Over on the horizon, mysterious things are happening, and they become secrets not always revealed. In its cheeses Fattorie Fiandino speaks of the wisdom and knowledge Grandfather Magno discovered in the pastures of Cuneo and encapsulated in a unique ingredient for curdling milk: Cynara Cardunculus. Today, Mario and Egidio are looking even further afield, to horizons beyond Italian borders, and falling in love with eastern India spices such as Turmeric.

The undisputed queen of Ayurvedic medicine thanks to its depurative and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is now the essential ingredient of Lou Jaun. The beguiling aroma released by infusing it in milk from Cuneo's pastures adds wonderful hints of curry to this soft-textured cheese. The inimitable yellow colour of the paste encloses all the power of "Indian saffron" mitigated by the mildness of vegetable rennet.

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