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Milk, sicilian salt, vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus).

Weight: Lou Sande about 6 Kg Lou Sande Pichin about 2.5 Kg

Kinara Method Without animal rennet preservatives lactose Simbolo vegetariano

A milky candy, a cream teaspoon that comes out from a long soaking in Sicilian salt brine solution and a short stay in Fiandino Farms maturing premises. Lou Sande ("on Saturday" in Occitan language) reminds us of a a milk candy because of its texture, it nds a love match with blueberries, raspberries and fresh currant, but even a Spaghetti with Lou Sande fondue and black pepper or a savoury cheescake with balsamic vinegar shallots will be a perfect combination of tastes.

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