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Raw milk, salt, rennet, E1105 Lysozyme (from EGG).

Weight: wheel is about 38 Kg. Vacuum-packed sizes: 1/8 round about kg 4,5 and 500 g. (calibrated weight)

Magno Fiandino is a unique and exclusive cheese, because only about a thousand wheels are produced annually. It is made using the freshest milk from the daily milking, as required by the recipe handed down by Grandfather Magno Fiandino. The wheels rest on shelves of wood from the Stura Valley in Cuneo province for a total of 24 months in a special area which - just as in the old days - is affected by the seasons, allowing the cheese to develop its rich flavours and aromas. They are turned and cleaned by hand to guarantee their artisan quality, so that they arrive on your table packed with the flavour of tradition. Mario and Egidio Fiandino personally check the progress of the maturing as the typical flavours develop.

Due to its singular processing and maturing methods, Magno Fiandino cheese is available in limited quantities, so advance ordering is recommended. Thank you.

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