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Milk, summer truffle 2% (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), soup extract, sicilian salt, vegetal rennet (Cynara cardunculus)

Weight: around 2,5 Kg

Kinara Method Without animal rennet preservatives lactose Simbolo vegetariano

When walking among the woods and meadows, you're sometimes enveloped by the scent of herbs and flowers. Following the sweet smells, you come across the intense aromas of the forest floor, of wood kissed by the recent dew. Thinking of the land that so inspired their Grandfather Magno, Mario and Egidio Fiandino decided to evoke the woods and the beautiful hills in a cheese called Trifulò, which encapsulates freshness and character, lightness and intensity.

Wonderful Piedmont milk is curdled using Cynara Cardunculus, then spun and, before moulding, enriched with a strip of exquisite black summer truffle, so typical of the Langhe area not far from Fattorie Fiandino. After maturing for sixty days, Tartufò unveils its delightful and seductive woodland heart.

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